Information Assurance(IA)

Certification & Accreditation

Security Advocate Certification Support

Systems/Software Engineering

Battlefield & Tactical Systems Integration

Proposal Authoring & Capture Strategy Support




NIACORP provides the experience and capabilities to successfully complete advanced tasks for DOD, Federal and Commercial customers.  We strive to become leaders in the expanding field of communications and information security, including COMSEC/TRANSEC and Key Management technologies. Our personnel have provided integration of critical technologies, equipment, and systems to the U.S. Government and its contractors for secure communications. We continue to support these organizations with next generation security solutions that meet the demands of the Global Information Grid (GIG) transformational initiatives.  

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

NIACORP can provide total solutions to IA, IT, and other WarFighting acquisitions by providing multi-vendor hardware and software along with significant pre-sale and post-sale services.

NIACORP can provide services such as advising you, and/or your customerís organization on what types of computer equipment, systems, and technologies will fit its needs; designing and integrating systems; purchasing and installing IT equipment; customizing hardware and software configurations; and providing technical services, maintenance, warranty service, and user support. 

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