The National Information Assurance Corporation, dba NIACORP, is a Minority and a Serviced-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) headquartered in Congressman Adam Putnam’s district 12 in Riverview, Florida.  NIACORP's main systems integration and development operations is at the Pinellas County’s Young-Rainey‘s Science and Technology Research (STAR) Center as a strategic partner to the center.   In addition to the current small business certifications, NIACORP is also being certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the state of Florida, and federally as a SDB by the Small Business Administration (SBA) where we are pursuing the 8(a) certification.

NIACORP is an engineering firm with a certified and cleared staff with expertise in Systems, Software, Integration, and mainly Information Assurance (IA) engineering services. Our expertise focuses in applying our systems security methodologies gathered from years of experience in the Information Assurance community. We focus in securing our customer networks by implementing IATF's Defense-in-Depth methodology, federal mandated security technical implementation guides (STIGs), and other security best practices guidance. We strive to provide our customer with secured integrated solution that has the highest level of assurance possible to the people who need it the most. NIACORP focuses on cost-effectiveness and we offer Information Assurance integration of solutions ranging from high-speed, high-assurance, scaleable embedded technologies, to multiple security level architectures, to key and identity management systems, to intuitive wireless and wire-line products and systems. Other applications include secure communications and messaging, infrastructure management and network encryption.  

NIACORP’s Information Assurance mission is to provide the solutions, products, and services, and conducts defensive information operations, to achieve information assurance for information infrastructures critical to U.S. national security interests. 

Additionally, NIACORP is a strategic partner for sales and support, as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), to Deep Archive® Technologies. Deep Archive® is both a compression software tool, and an embedded metadata management system used by DoD and coalition allies. Deep Archive® it is a battlefield tactical management system that reduces bandwidth requirements so that that “bottom-up” intelligence gathering can occur.

NIACORP provides the experience and capabilities to successfully complete advanced tasks for DOD, Federal and Commercial customers.

  • Minority (MBE) / Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned SDB

  • Headquartered in FL Congressman Adam Putnam’s District 12 

  • Operations at the Young-Rainey STAR Center Largo, Florida

  • Sponsored by FL Congressman Bill Young, District 10

  • Certified CISSPs, ISSEPs, and other Security Certs

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